The Law of Sponsorship and involvement of the media sector in this law was one of the main topics discussed in the meeting between representatives of CDBK and the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports Hajrulla Çeku.

The Chairman of the Board congratulated Minister Çeku for the position and expressed the readiness of the chamber for cooperation and professional support.

Furthermore he added that a request from the media sector since three years continues to be the involvement of media in the Law of Sponsorship. This request comes with the purpose to facilitate the work of media and their independence.

According to CDBK, division of copyright and intellectual property in two different sectors is creating confusion to businesses, making it difficult while registering the trade name, trademark or even copyright theft.

Minister Çeku expressed the readiness for cooperation on all the topics that are in favor of economic development of the country.

After analyzing the requests if there is not any legal obstacle we will move them forward, added Minister Çeku.