The Chamber of doing Business in Kosovo (CDBK) in the continuation of its activities for member businesses, has already resumed the long standing activity ‘Morning Coffee’ with member businesses.

Such an activity was held today in the offices of CDBK , on the occasion of which present were businesses from different sectors operating in the country.

Main topics discussed in the activity with member businesses were the new fiscal package for economic recovery of the country, The Work Law, The Company Law, The Law for Foreign Investments, creation of economic zones, the issue of grant allocation as well as the last activities organized by CDBK.

On this occasion the Chairman of the Chamber of doing Business in Kosovo Skender Krasniqi thanked representatives of member businesses for their presence, presenting before them the last cases the Chamber has delegated and resolved.

While the secretary of CDBK Diamant Elshani thanking representatives of businesses for their presence, informed the participants for the cooperation that CDBK has offered to the Government of Kosovo.

During this activity representatives of businesses showed their problems, exchanged their experiences, as well as had the chance to have open discussion.

Shyqri Bytyqi from Vala Consulting business during this meeting emphasized that in Kosovo remains still problem law enforcement, meanwhile called for joint lobbying to solve the problems we are facing.

On the other hand Adnan Ibrahimi from Silcagroup, thanked CDBK for solving the long-standing barrier for water export from Kosovo to Albania. Simultaneously Ibrahimi emphasized that furthermore a problem remains the way local producers are treated by representatives of markets.

All present had the chance to openly discuss and ask questions for topics of interest, while they agreed for the new fiscal package that an analysis of the most affected sectors must be done and the allocation of resources must be done proportionately based on damages caused by the pandemic.