Chamber of Doing Business in Kosovo in honor of International Earth Day organizes a joint meeting, in which case we planted seedlings in Dardania neighborhood in Prishtina.

The activity was organized in cooperation with Labi Flowershop, where present were: the Deputy Mayor of Prishtina- Selim Pacolli, Ambassador of Finland in Kosovo- Pia Stjernvall, Ambassador of Northern Macedonia- Shpresa Jusufi, Elton Bahtiri- Vice Rector in University of Prishtina ‘Hasan Prishtina’, Bedri Dragusha- Rector of Faculty of Agriculture, as well as member businesses of Chamber of Doing Business in Kosovo.

On occasion of planting seedlings, vice chairman of Chamber of doing Business in Kosovo- Arsim Selmonmusaj emphasized that we took this symbolic initiative in order to sensitize the opinion with the occasion of planting some trees that affect the life of our citizens. Selmonmusaj also emphasized that the way we protect the nature is how the nature protects us.

While on the other hand, Deputy Mayor of Prishtina- Selim Pacolli thanking the Chamber of doing Business in Kosovo for organizing this activity emphasized that the current air condition is not plausible, and the initiative of planting the seedlings is considered as having a positive impact.

This activity was considered very important from the Ambassadors of northern Macedonia and Finland.

While the rector of Faculty of Agriculture- Bedri Dragusha noted that Earth Day is very important to be marked daily showing care towards the nature.

For more, Earth Day is an annual event celebrated all around the world on April 22, to demonstrate the support on protecting the environment, which the Chamber of doing Business in Kosovo celebrates each year symbolically.