Mutual recognition between two parties, creation of contacts with the possibility of continuation of mutual cooperation, information about the function of justice system in Northern Macedonia mostly about the one affecting the private economic sector, were main topics discussed between the Delegation of the Chamber of Doing Business in Kosovo (CDBK) and the Delegation of the Ministry of Justice of RNM.

The Chairman of the board of CDBK Skender Krasniqi during this meeting emphasized that the Republic of Northern Macedonia has made progress in terms of justice system and prompt resolution of court cases, practice which must be followed as well by other countries of the region.

Deputy Minister of Justice in the Republic of Northern Macedonia Agim Nuhiu welcomed the initiative taken by CDBK for the establishment of the communication line between two countries and exchanging of experiences for economic matters.

Deputy Minister Nuhiu noted the fact that many things relate these two countries in economic aspect, meanwhile added that the Republic of Northern Macedonia is focused on strengthening the justice system. Based on the work done so far in this aspect, The Northern Macedonia is ranked the 17-th in the world for the justice system, while the fifth in Europe and the first in the region.

From both parties, this meeting was evaluated as the beginning of cooperation and exchanging of experiences of our countries.