In order to increase cooperation, exchange data and documentation, planning and organizing events, round tables, conferences and exchange of experiences related to doing business, facilitating the compilation and issuance of documents necessary for economic cooperation in import and export of member companies, the Chamber of Doing Business in Kosova has signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Albania.

Through this cooperation agreement, the CDBK will exchange the data and documentation available, the commercial cooperation of member companies will be promoted through correspondence and rapprochement of companies in the business areas where they operate and both parties will assist in the analysis of market needs, providing contacts and data that are available to the parties. On the occasion of signing this memorandum, the parties agreed to develop strategies for access to work and cooperation in the future.

Chairman of CDBK Skënder Krasniqi on the occasion of signing this memorandum stressed that the idea of ​​this cooperation agreement is to find practical implementation, further increasing trade cooperation.

While the President of U.C.C.I.AL Ines Muçostepa thanked the CDBK on the occasion of signing this memorandum of cooperation, emphasizing that this cooperation agreement will pave the way more for our businesses.