In order to increase mutual cooperation, modify curricula, connect students with the labor market and create joint research projects, the Chamber of Doing Business in Kosovo (CDBK) signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Faculty of Economics.

The CDBK and the Faculty of Economics, through this Memorandum of Cooperation and Understanding, agree to establish a partnership in order to exchange and provide professional advice to businesses in the field of economics, as well as to enable students of this faculty to pursue professional internships with businesses members of the CDBK.

Chairman of CDBK Skënder Krasniqi, on the occasion of signing the memorandum stressed that the modification of curricula and the connection of students with the labor market is an immediate need. Krasniqi also stressed that there should be coordination between preparing students for the labor market with the needs of the labor market in Kosovo, in order to reduce current discrepancies.

While, the Dean of the Faculty of Economics Prof.Dr. Fatos Ukaj, thanking the CDBK for initiating such a cooperation agreement, stressed that they are ready to offer their assistance on any issue that is under their competence and which would be to the benefit of both parties.

On the other hand, the Vice Dean of the Faculty Prof.Ass.Dr. Alban Elshani, among other things during the discussion stressed the importance of prior consultation with the Faculty, on the issue of legal infrastructure related to finance and economics, to give their contributions to experts in the field.

While the CDBK repeated that the purpose of signing this cooperation agreement is to make production effective and, in this case, to connect students with the labor market to enter before the end of studies and create employment relationships with businesses which are under the umbrella of the Chamber of Doing Business in Kosova.