Chamber of Doing Bussines in Kosova (CDBK) today organized a joint event with business women from different regions, sectors and professions.

The purpose of the table “Empowerment of women in entrepreneurship” was to discuss the role that women currently have in society and increase their role in society and entrepreneurship. Among other things, the impact of the pandemic on the country’s economy and the consequences it had for the private sector were also discussed.

During this meeting were also discussed the achievements of business women who lead businesses for a long time as well as the problems and difficulties encountered as a result of the pandemic that hit Kosovo. During the meeting, it was emphasized that the current situation of the businesses leaded by women is not good at all as the assistance from the state was very poor and insufficient.

CDBK Coordinator Qëndresa Ibrahimi emphasized that a woman is an important factor in doing business and being an entrepreneurial woman is a very big challenge.

While the president of the CDBK Skënder Krasniqi, among other things, emphasized the fact that a strong woman means a strong state, so he suggested working together in order to be much more active, to increase the pressure on the country’s institutions and thus to solve the problems we are currently facing.

Enkeleda Shatri, owner of the Evolution Academy, also emphasized that the state help was poor. Shatri, among other things, stressed that the Government of Kosovo should take the initiative and make a database to see how is the situation of businesses in the country. While emphasizing that the losses have been extremely large and that they have kept the workers at work only because of the humane aspect given that most of these employed women are mothers and family keepers said Shatri.

A lot of work, dedication and responsibility that should have had to get to where it is currently emphasized by Teuta Krasniqi who operates with business “I Star Academy”. Emphasizing that in every business to move forward we need motivation and love for that profession so that when we encounter barriers along the way they can not demoralize us. Krasniqi further added that she didn’t have a institutional assistance and thus had to reduce the number of employees without her wish. That the number of employees had to be reduced against her will, but in the absence of financial means, the designer Kaona Duriqi also mentioned it.

On the other hand, Shema Sahiti, owner of the business “Shema Sahiti” said that she is worried about the fact that for a long time women have lacked help from the state, emphasizing that it has a lot of sacrifice for 10 years to operate with her business.

Also, during the open discussion with business women, Gentiana Veliqi has showed that state assistance could be of various forms, starting with the rent tax relief. Veliqi has considered it unjustifiable for the rent tax to be paid in the same way as a business with several years of baggage as a newly opened business.

A lot of inspiration and motivation for women can come through success stories, said Rina Vuçetaj, who proposed more positive marketing for the good work that women are doing, no matter how symbolic it may be.

While Hamdi Malushaj, a member of the CDBK board, presented his personal practice in his business, emphasizing that there are many women employed only on the basis of meritocracy.

The general demand of business women was to provide more support from the state, to have some points addressed only to women, to network among the women sector and to work on eliminating current barriers.

In this meeting CDBK from the businesses present were: Enkeleda Shatri “Akademia Evolucion”, Arbnore Riza “Humë”, Suzana Rakovica “Kosova Press”, Ardianë Pajaziti “Kult Plus”, Ardiana Hasani “Ardiana Lashes”, Gentiana Veliqi “Genta Veliqi” , Shyhrete Shalaku-Grajçevci “Shyhrete Shalaku-Grajçevci Law Office”, Teuta Krasniqi “I Star”, Shemsije Sahiti “Shema Sahiti”, Festina Murturi “Festina Murturi”, Egzona Krasniqi “Egzona Krasniqi”, Rina Vaxhimehite-Hina ”, Zarije Musliu“ Biofruti ”, Kaonë Duriqi“ Kaonë ”.