Oda e Afarizmit të Kosovës

The activity “Breakfast Coffee”, The Chamber of Doing Business in Kosovo (CDBK) this time organized with the businesses of the Prizren Region, in which case were discussed some of the challenges that businesses in this region are facing. 

Informing the participating businesses about the latest CDBK activities, discussing business problems at either the local or central level, discussing the legal infrastructure that is hindering the operation of the business in the country, and discussing the space in the economic zone, were some of the main issues that were discussed during this meeting.

Ymrane Fusha from Er Abi business, congratulating the CDBK for its work, raised some concerns that it is facing as a business. The burden of maternity leave for female-headed businesses, support for local products in institutions and public tenders, the provision of grace loans for at least 1 year for manufacturing businesses, and support for women-run businesses were just some of the issues raised set up from Mrs.Fusha.

Liridon Kalanderi from the company LIRI, emphasized as very important the security in the realization of international transfers and protection from cyber attacks, offering closer cooperation from the CBK in providing the necessary information before the company realizes the transfer. The calendar also sees as problematic the obligation from Prishtina Airport for testing even in cases when the country in which they are traveling does not require such proof.

Edin Gashi from Dallas Shpk business stressed the importance of Prizren businesses, especially those that tend to enter production, to be given space in the Business Park, to exercise their activity.

Meanwhile, Sefer Susuri from the United Brothers stressed that institutions should take into account the requests coming from businesses.

Ramadan Gashi from Agi Dani, raised the problem of professional staff, where currently young people do not possess the skills in accordance with the degree they possess. Therefore, he demanded that more importance be given to vocational schools and that practical work be incorporated in addition to theory.

And Tafil Kalimashi from Kosova Pack raised the problems with the numerous power outages, which are causing difficulties in production.

Fatmir Qerreti from the Meat Industry Doel emphasized that as a company they have made supplies for the Horeca sector, therefore with the entry into force of the new measures they will have stockpiling, as happened last time, thus causing losses to business.

At the end of the meeting the parties agreed that they should be unique in the requests they submit and for the same to be lobbied to the relevant institutions in order to address them and eliminate the barriers encountered while doing business.