CDBK visited member business “Agimi-De”

During the meetings in the city of Gjakova, representatives of the CDBK also visited the member business Agimi-De, where they were welcomed in a meeting by Ergon F. Selmanaj. During this meeting were discussed the difficulties encountered during the work process in the pandemic period and the issues which the CDBK is currently addressing. Agimi-De […]

CDBK visited business in Drenas

Representatives of Chamber of Doing Bussines in Kosova (CDBK) visited businesses in Drenas, respectively Everest Kosovo and Al metal Sadria, they were welcomed in meetings by the owners: Bajram Ramadani and Sadri Elshani. During these meetings it was discussed about the challenges that these businesses are facing and the opportunities for cooperation with the CDBK […]

The CDBK organized a joint table with Kosovo business women

Chamber of Doing Bussines in Kosova (CDBK) today organized a joint event with business women from different regions, sectors and professions. The purpose of the table “Empowerment of women in entrepreneurship” was to discuss the role that women currently have in society and increase their role in society and entrepreneurship. Among other things, the impact […]

CDBK signs memorandum of cooperation with U.C.C.I.AL

In order to increase cooperation, exchange data and documentation, planning and organizing events, round tables, conferences and exchange of experiences related to doing business, facilitating the compilation and issuance of documents necessary for economic cooperation in import and export of member companies, the Chamber of Doing Business in Kosova has signed a memorandum of cooperation […]

CDBK signs cooperation agreement with FIEK

In order to increase cooperation, create facilities for students, exchange data to support students and businesses, create new jobs for students who are studying, do research and analyze the labor market and the needs of the market to orient students in relevant fields, the Chamber of Doing Business in Kosova has signed a memorandum of […]

CDBK the bridge between students and the labor market

In order to increase mutual cooperation, modify curricula, connect students with the labor market and create joint research projects, the Chamber of Doing Business in Kosovo (CDBK) signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Faculty of Economics. The CDBK and the Faculty of Economics, through this Memorandum of Cooperation and Understanding, agree to establish a […]

CDBK: The main goal is to employ students and fulfillment of market needs

Connecting students with the labor market, increasing mutual cooperation, contributing to the amendment of laws and administrative instructions, support in the field of agriculture as one of the most potential sectors of the country’s economy and the establishment of joint working groups, were some of the main issues which were discussed on the occasion of […]

CDBK continues to work to connect young people with the labor market

In order to increase mutual cooperation, providing professional advice, engagement of AUK students in professional internships at CDBK member businesses, cooperation in other areas, in addition to the fields and activities exercised by both sides, the cooperation agreement has been finalized between the Chamber of Doing Business in Kosovo and the American University in Kosovo […]

CDBK winner of the project from the Western Balkans Fund

Chamber of Doing Business in Kosovo(CDBK) took part in the virtual meeting organized by the Western Balkans Fund, where the award ceremony of the winning projects took place. CDBK is very privileged to be selected one of the 24 winning projects of this call, which will address the topic: “Economic impact and the consequences of […]

CDBK visited REKS Company

Preserving the environment was the main motive for the REKS Company to be located in Kosovo, being the first to offer the services of the complete waste treatment. The need to look closely at the company made the representatives of the Chamber of Doing Business in Kosovo, to visit REKS company, where they were welcomed […]