Oda e Afarizmit të Kosovës

Chamber of Doing Bussines in Kosovo (CDBK) continues with the tradition of organizing the activity “Morning Coffee” with member businesses.

Such activity was held today in the offices of t Chamber of Doing Bussines in Kosovo with the business community from the Municipality of Prizren.

The main issues that were discussed during this meeting were informing the participating businesses about the recent activities of the CDBK, discussing business problems at the local and central level, discussing the legal infrastructure which is hindering the operation of business in the country, discussion about the informal economy as well as the problem with spaces in economic zones.

On this occasion, the President of the CDBK Skënder Krasniqi thanked the representatives of member businesses for their presence, while emphasizing that the main purpose of this meeting is to discuss in detail the problems that are facing the business community in Prizren.

As part of this joint activity, business representatives presented their problems, exchanged experiences and had opportunities for open discussion.

Ramadan Gashi from the business “AG Group” during this meeting stressed that some of the main issues that need to be sent forward is the fight against informality, support for Vocational Schools and the extraction of professional staff and credit rates to be more flexible.

While Arben Gashi from the business “A&L Financial Consulting” presented the problem with leasing space in the innovative business park in Prizren and expensive rents which are currently being applied.

While Edina Buleci from the business “Buleci Group” stressed the extraordinary need for the Law on Internal Trade which would make the formal economy functional and fight informality.

All those present at this event had the opportunity to discuss openly and ask questions about issues of interest, while the problems they presented remained to be addressed to local and central institutions.