Oda e Afarizmit të Kosovës

Presentation of concrete results from the research done by CDBK for import and export of agricultural and farming products in Kosovo, review of the low rate of VAT, change of Administrative Guidance on land restrictions, surfaces and time, creation of strategic products, change of form of subsidies and orientation in specific areas, change of Administrative Guidance on leasing of land, transition of AUV under the Ministry of Agriculture, transition of Agriculture Institution in the frame of Agriculture Faculty, discussion about the project law for Agriculture, Rural Development and the one for Forests, were some of the topics discusses between member businesses of CDBK and the minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development, Faton Peci.

The chairman of the board of CDBK Skender Krasniqi during the meeting thanked participating businesses and the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development, Faton Peci for listening to all requirements and problems of businesses. Krasniqi during this meeting presented results from the research related to Import and Export of agricultural and farming products in Kosovo that were presented in quantitative and financial values for the last three years, while emphasized that developed agriculture is one of the factors towards country security.

Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development Faton Peci, thanked CDBK for organizing this joint activity with businesses on purpose of listening to the requirements and problems of this sector. Minister Peci emphasized as well that Agriculture is one of the main pillars for economic development in Kosovo, and it still remains a concern low productivity of agricultural products and high value of import of these products.

The Dean of Faculty of Agriculture Bedri Dragusha, congratulated CDBK on organizing this activity while emphasized the readiness of the Faculty of Agriculture to help the Ministry and the whole Kosovo community on the agriculture sector.

On this occasion, Idriz Zejnullahu from business “Guri” emphasized the issues the sector of stonemasons which furthermore work with Administrative Guidance. Zejnullahu presented as well the problem of high rent and expansion of surfaces.

While Kushtrim Ajvazi from ”Pestova” Company required from the Ministry of Agriculture support on providing agricultural corps and abolition of excise duty on farmers’ derivatives.

During this joint meeting all present had the opportunity to ask questions and present their problems, as well as giving concrete proposals to overcome this situation.