Oda e Afarizmit të Kosovës

  1. General information about developments in the country;
  2. Registration in the public database presented on the CDBK website;
  3. Equipped with CDBK membership certificate;
  4. Regular email information on events economic interest for the flows of the local
  5. Lobbying for B2B meeting with member businesses;
  6. Free space in the CDBK offices for business meetings and conversations;
  7. Promotion of activities and events organized by the company in chamber social networks;
  8. Lobbying for support in solving sectoral problems;
  9. Providing advice in relation to laws and state institutions;
  10. Assistance in providing information and facilitation for grant application from local
  11. Providing advice and organizing a meeting in relation to laws and institutions state events
    and escort by CDBK to meetings;
  12. Invited to CDBK activities at home and abroad;
  13. It is presented with the company logo on the front of the website and CDBK
  14. In case of business promotion or business products, the CDBK invites them member
    businesses and media;
  15. Lobbies and mediates with institutions to participate in the activity your;
  16. Lobbying for meetings with relevant institutions regarding specific requirements
  17. Information for participation in conferences / study visits / fairs of various local and
    international investments (according to the field of business relevant);
  18. Marketing on CDBK social networks and website.