Oda e Afarizmit të Kosovës

  1. General information;
  2. Registration in the CDBK’s public database presented on the web site;
  3. Awarded with membership certificate;
  4. Creating a business network and creating new communication links;
  5. Continuously you will get e-mails that will give information on local
    and international economy flows;
  6. Support and research for specific occupations (based on business needs);
  7. Advice and facilitation for certification with international standards ISO;
  8. Free spaces for business meetings;
  9. Advising on the development of new local and international businesses;
  10. Business activities submitted to the CDBK are presented on the web-
    site and disseminated to the media;
  11. Provide advice and special business treatment;
  12. Invited to CDBK activities in the country and abroad;
  13. You will be present with your business logo on CDBK’s Web site;
  14. Provide needed information and grant applications relief;
  15. Provide technical assistance to public institutions;