Oda e Afarizmit të Kosovës

Discussion on imposing a moratorium on the quarrying sector, payment of double tax for fish businesses, paving the way for businesses in the area in Harilaq, Kosovo’s membership in CEMT, creating facilities for transport businesses, addressing the importance of the Law on Internal Trade, problems and cost increase for the provision of Green Card for trucks, lack of signalization and radio notification of road loads were some of the key points which were addressed during the joint meeting between CDBK representatives and Minister of Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure Liburn Aliu.

The Chamber of Doing Bussines in Kosovo informed Minister Aliu about the activities and concrete proposals of the chamber while emphasizing the concern of the quarrying sector after the public statement of Minister Aliu on the imposition of a moratorium on this sector. Also during this meeting, the CDBK revealed the challenges that businesses with infrastructure and environment are facing, emphasizing the challenges that businesses are facing during domestic and international transport.

The Minister of Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure Liburn Aliu, thanked the Chamber of Doing Bussines in Kosovo for initiating this meeting. Minister Aliu expressed his readiness for cooperation while emphasizing that he welcomes the preliminary consultation with the private sector in order to receive inputs directly from them.

The business representative of CDBK member Idriz Zejnullahu from Guri sh.pk emphasized some of the challenges that this sector is facing and the importance of investing more in equipment for the preservation of the environment while emphasizing that the measurement of stone would be good be done per ton and not per cubic meter.

The CDBK invited Minister Aliu to joint meetings with member businesses, related to the department he currently heads, in order to listen closely to the problems and concerns that the latter have.