Oda e Afarizmit të Kosovës

Chamber of Doing Bussines in Kosovo (CDBK) in the framework of meetings with representatives of international organizations hosted Atdhe Lila, engaged by USAID & Kosovo Academy of Justice as a Trainer in the field of ICT Law.

The purpose of this meeting was to receive inputs directly from businesses and business representatives about the difficulties they are facing in exercising their rights before the judiciary and the field of ICT justice.

In the framework of this meeting was also discussed the development of a Training Module for Judges, Prosecutors, support staff and state officials, with the aim of professional development in the field of ICT.

Representatives from the CDBK stressed that this sector of the economy is very potential for the economic development of the country, so that the export of ICT services exceeds the value of millions of euros, being one of the sectors with the most potential for development and growth in the future.

Therefore, the continuous growth and strengthening of this sector will lead to litigation in the field of ITC, but unfortunately the judiciary is not ready to handle and review cases in this field, given the fact that in Kosovo the number of lawyers profiled in the field of ICT is very small, which has led to many court cases of this nature not receiving proper judicial treatment.

The representative of this project, Mr. Lila, emphasized that the USAID Commercial Justice program in cooperation with the Law Academy in Kosovo is organizing an ICT training module for judges, prosecutors, other support staff, and government officials.

Representatives from Evrotarget business stressed that these trainings should be organized for officials who exercise public functions, in order to be closely acquainted with the importance of digitalization of administrative work, as to this day the same documentation requires be presented to you only in hard copy, denying the presentation of the same electronically.

At the end of the meeting, the CDBK presented concrete recommendations, so it proposed that in the framework of the Law on Commercial Court, the scope of this court to include disputes in the field of ITC; court cases of this nature to be divided into judges trained and profiled in the field of ICT; as well as the target group of this project to be expanded, so that training for mediators is included, in order for disputes of this nature to be resolved in mediation procedures, as an alternative way of resolving disputes.

These recommendations were welcomed by Lila, emphasizing the importance of cooperation in the field of commercial justice, between the CDBK and USAID.