Oda e Afarizmit të Kosovës

Submission of problems with IP addresses by cable operators, establishment of rules for the use of IP addresses, issuance of a regulation that would oblige operators to obtain IP addresses from Albania until the receipt of official IPs of Kosovo and arranging a meeting with the operators were some of the main issues which were discussed between the Chamber of Doing Business in Kosovo and the representatives of the RAEPC board.

The CDBK during this meeting raised several times already the problem of providers with the use of IP addresses of the Serbian state, this has damaged the interests of citizens and businesses.

The Chairman of the Board of the Regulatory Authority for Electronic and Postal Communications, Nazim Rahimi, thanking the CDBK for initiating this meeting stressed that RAEPC is ready to assist and cooperate in raising and resolving this issue. The Chairman Rahimi also emphasized that he will initiate the arrangement of a meeting with the operators to see closely why such a thing is happening.

The CDBK has lobbied before to the local institutions to make this change of IP addresses from Serbia or Montenegro to those of Albania, which has been achieved thanks to mutual cooperation. Recently however we are noticing that the operators have returned the previous IP addresses again.

Chamber of Doing Business in Kosovo (CDBK) is continuously receiving complaints from citizens and the media business, which at the bottom of the pages are displayed ads in Serbian, where in this case instead of offering ads and offers in Albanian, citizens and businesses are being offered them by a foreign country specifically from Serbia, which is against the Republic of Kosovo.

As a chamber, we strongly request that this issue be further processed, taking into account the state, economic and civic interest.