OAK in the course of its activities “Morning coffee with businesses” this time was present in the Prizren Region, where the main purpose of this event was to closely talk with businesses and present proposals that the Chamber of Doing Bussines of Kosoovo, has prepared for the new Government.

Board Chairman Skender Krasniqi disclosed to attendees some of the biggest problems facing businesses that #OAK has identified from ongoing meetings with them, for which he has also prepared proposals on how to reach a solution. Krasniqi emphasized that besides organizing a press conference for this KCA, he sent them to all political parties in order to include these proposals in their programs.

Therefore, the purpose of this meeting is to discuss these requirements together and to identify other possible issues. Some of the main issues that concern the businesses of this region that were highlighted at this meeting were: lack of qualified workforce, completion of the non-functional industrial area in Prizren, development fund for businesses, transformation of TAK, transport sector problems, investment allocation, economic court functioning, lack of health insurance law, etc. Businesses welcomed the initiative of the #Chamber for this organization and emphasized that it is very important to build a sound partnership between public institutions and the business community, so that together they can overcome the barriers that arise during their operation.

Board member Hysni Zogaj thanked the attendees for their cooperation and participation, adding that #OAK will fully handle all business requirements. Also, the host of this event, as well as a board member in

OAK Hasan Gigollaj thanked the participants for participating, saying that this meeting was a very constructive meeting and all issues raised will be advocated and lobbied for resolution.

“Breakfast Coffee” will continue its journey in the Podujeva region.